Please be advised that cheap vintage nhl jerseys all members are expected to follow BabyCenter's Community Guidelines. Posts in violation custom nhl jerseys online of the guidelines may be nhl jerseys from china removed without warning. If you see a post that you feel is a violation, please use the "Report" button to bring it to our attention. All of a sudden I feel completely lost and overwhelmed :( Do any of the BTDT mothers have any advice or recommendations on the best diaper brands? I had no idea there were so many different brands. I always new about Huggies and Pampers, but now I see there is Parents Choice, Luvs, Seventh Generation, Munchkin, White Cloud, Earth's Best, Fisher Price, Nature Babycare, and gDiapers. My original plan (when I was only thinking about Huggies and Pampers) was to put both on the registry then see which works best for the baby when she is born, but now there are so many I am lost :(

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  i recieved several different brands of diapers as gifts during baby showers and that was great to be able to try them out and not end up with a ton of diapers that didn't work for her. we quickly changed to huggies the naturals are great but you will find that when the little one starts crawling the little movers are amazing! We actually joined costco bc thats the brand they sell . It does cost $50 a year to join but we are able to purchase 288 diapers for $36 compared to say Walmart which is something like 96 for 21$ depending on the size of courseWhen my LO was a newborn I loved Pampers Sensitive bc they were super soft. As she got older and her poops got more explosive I would have poop all the way up her back sometimes! Its bc Pampers doesnt have an elastic waistband to keep it all in on the back. I tried Huggies Pure and Natural bc they (like the Pampers Sensitive) are softer than regular diapers but have the elastic band on the back. No more poop up the back! Join Amazon Mom and enroll in Subscribe and Save to get 30% off diapers and free delivery! Also, when you join Amazon Mom you get Prime membership so free 2 day shipping on lots of baby items and free returns.